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Track & Field

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The WCPS Track & Field Team provides opportunities for athletes to develop excellence and sportsmanship through participating in competitive meets managed and implemented under the direction of the coaching staff.

By being part of our track & field team, runners learn fitness, conditioning, and the nuances of the sport. This is one of the few sports available that is both an individual and a team sport.  Unlike cross country, runners in track & field focus on speed over endurance.  Additionally, competition in track & field takes place on a specially designed track.  WCPS currently does not have its own track and conducts practices at other school sites.  Please note in our inaugural year of this program, practice time on tracks will be limited.  Members of the team, work on their racing skills, mental toughness, and long-term athlete development.  In addition to running (short, middle, and long distances, as well as relay racing), athletes also participate in jumping (long jump, high jump, triple jump, and pole vault) and throwing events (shot put, discus, hammer, and javelin).

Team Expectations

Runners and Sportsmanship
  • Demonstrate proper meet behavior (i.e. keeping areas clean, sportsmanship, support teammates).

  • Show respect to your coaches and teammates.

  • Respect the course, locker rooms, team equipment and other runners’ property.

Runners and Training
  • Understand and take responsibility for attendance and performance, habits in practice and how these relate to meet performance.

  • Runners are expected to consistently improve commitment level and training/racing ability from season to season.

  • Runners training attitudes should be productive and supportive.

  • Runners are expected to train appropriately for the athlete’s experience and stated goals.

Runners and External Training Factors
  • Learn time management so practice becomes a high priority.

  • Prioritize outside activities in an order that has the least impact on grades and swimming.

  • Inform the coach of practice absences and reasons.

Runners’ Commitment to Their Team
  • Understand the importance of the “Team”.

  • Congratulate teammates regularly during practice and competition.

  • Actions show dedication to the team and promote team values.

  • Compete in the highest level of competition qualified.

  • Take leadership positions as positive role modeling for all teammates.

  • Runners are expected to conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to promote and support the goals of the team.

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