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School Uniform

Wesley College Preparatory School's uniform provider is Lands' End. Uniforms are available throughout the year. Please check below for the various ways to order.

Order Online:

  1. Visit

  2. Create an account or sign into your existing account

  3. Search for you school by name or Preferred School Number: 900192691

  4. Use the "True Fit" tool to find your child's right size

Order by Phone:

  1. ​Call our customer service representatives 24/7 at 1-800-469-222

  2. Reference your school number: 900192691

  3. Reference your child's grade level, gender and size

  4. ​Place your order


Uniform Guideline

The dress code of WCPS, which applies to all students is designed to foster a climate of good discipline and academic performance, and to enhance the Christian purpose for which the school exists. Some principles we desire to be taught and practiced through the dress code include modesty, moderation, safety, appropriateness, and Christian testimony. Everything a Christian, wears, should glorify Christ and honor His name. For all school activities, on or off campus, students are expected to present a neat, clean, modest, well-groomed, and pleasing appearance.


Specifics Regarding School Uniforms

  • Students must be in full uniform every day. This means that students must be wearing a black, maroon (burgundy), or white polo shirt with the school logo. It is recommended for students to wear khaki slacks, shorts, skirts, etc. as long as they have the appropriate fit and finish and are not distracting to the school community.

  • No hats will be worn during the school instructional day. 

  • All uniforms must be worn with appropriate “Fit and Finish”:

    • Fit: Clothes must be purchased in the correct size and worn appropriately (not too tight, not too loose).

    • Finish: Clothes must be in good condition and not torn, ripped, faded, altered, tied or pinned up.

  • All shoes must have a rubber sole and be closed toes. Students are not permitted to wear flip flops, sliders, any type of sandals, slippers or high heels.


Casual dress will occur on specific dates and will be announced in advance.  Spirit t-shirts (WCPS only) may be worn on specific dates and will be announced in advance. Special dress days occur during "Spirit Week" or “Spirit Days” and details will be announced the week before.


Piercings are allowed as follows: Girls may wear earrings. Boys may wear one earring per ear. No other piercings are allowed to be worn on campus or at school events. Please note this includes: plugs, stretchers, and gauges.


Tattoos are NOT allowed to be visible on students.

Students may not change their natural hair color.


For young women, no see-through clothing of any type is permitted; including fishnet material, lace style nylons or cut clothing. Whether altered or not, all skirts must be knee length.


For young men, you may have facial hair if it is kept neat and clean as interpreted by the administration.


Backpacks should be chosen using the same guidelines as the above dress code.

Students School Entrance
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