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Supporting Wesley College Preparatory School

Wesley College Preparatory School strives to provide the best college preparatory education for each child we serve.  Since our founding in 2013, the community around us has supported us in numerous ways.  Alumni, parents, and friends have given generously over the years to make our school possible.  In the past, our stakeholders have supported us through providing aid in the form of financial scholarships and faculty development funds.  Your generosity can make the difference.  No gift is too small and every gift is appreciated.

                    There are a variety ways to give


Many donors can make a gift by credit card online. You may also give by sending a check or money order to The WCPS Fund Office, 920 W. 6th Street, Ontario, CA 91762. Please note that when you provide a check as payment, you authorize Wesley College Preparatory School either to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction. In either case, the transaction will be reported with the check number on your bank statement.



Wesley College Prep can receive substantial fund transfers from international or domestic accounts. For instructions on how to make an electronic fund transfer, contact or at (714) 820-9940.



WCPS can be a total or partial beneficiary of an existing whole life insurance policy, or a new policy may be taken out for this purpose.  Life insurance can be used to cover charitable gifts made from your estate. Annuities may also be given to Wesley College Prep.


You may also make gifts through your will to the school either through a new document or a codicil to an existing will. You may specific a dollar amount or a percentage of your total estate.


Trust agreements are individually written to accommodate the donor’s wishes.  It is salient to discuss this option with your attorney and financial advisors.  If you wish to discuss what future plans the school has and where we would most appreciate money to be allocated to, please feel free to contact or (714) 820-9940.

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