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PE Clearance & Waiver Form

This form is required to be submitted when a student has requested to be cleared from Physical Education course work.  In order to be cleared from Physical Education course work, a student must have a documented medical reason with a physician’s signature that includes, but that is not limited to, how long a student will be unable to participate in Physical Education.  Students may also use this form if they are attempting to gain Physical Education credit through alternative means (e.g., club sport, Olympian, monitored membership gym participation, etc.). Students who participate in WCP Sports will receive one semester’s credit of Physical Education for each season of sports completed through the Athletic Department.  This form is not required for credit given through the WCP Sports Program.

AP Examination Application Form

It is the policy of WCP that any student who takes an AP course must take the AP examination for the course in May.  However, a student must apply for the examination.  It is recommended that a student has engaged in extensive study for the examination prior to applying for the exam.  It is also highly recommended that the student has taken course work which supports the content being examined.  The student must have an un-weighted GPA of at least a 3.0 to qualify for the exam.  Students must complete a separate form for each examine they plan on taking.

Class Change Request Form

  • Students must be enrolled in 6 classes at all times.

  • No changes will be made to full year classes that will affect graduation requirements (i.e., English).

  • Students must attend three extra help sessions before requesting to drop an academic class.

  • Requests to add electives will be considered if space is available and schedule can accommodate request.

  • Students must obtain a signature from the teacher whose class they will be adding as well as the teacher's class they will be dropping.

  • Requests for teacher changes or period changes will not be accommodated.

  • Requesting schedule changes may alter class section(s) and/or teacher(s).

  • The last day to request a schedule change should be made by the second Friday of the semester

  • After the second Friday of the semester, students will need to fill out a Withdrawal Request Form; resulting in a “W” on transcripts.

  • Add/Drop requests will be made by this form only. (phone or e-mail requests will not be accepted).

  • Students must follow their current schedule until all changes are approved and the student receives a new schedule.  

Late Class Change Request Form

The Second Friday of the semester is the last day to drop a class without a “W”.  This is to verify that the above named student has requested to drop from this class past the add/drop deadline, which will result in a “W” (Withdraw) and zero credits on his/her transcript.  If the student repeats the class, the original grade of “W” will remain on the transcript; the new grade will be used for the high school GPA. The student must attend the class until the drop is approved. The student will receive notification of whether or not the Withdrawal is approved and a new schedule will be given.


******After the 12th week of the semester a student will not be able to Withdraw a class for a “W”.  A student will have to complete the class and receive the grade they earned. ******


Athletic Grade Check Form

This form is required to be submitted when requested by coaches and/or the Athletic Director or Assistant Athletic Director.

High School Diploma Application

In order to ensure that each student receives a high school diploma that correctly displays the student's name in the manner in which they wish it to be, we require students to submit a high school diploma application.  Please remember that a high school diploma is a legal document and students, as well as their families, should strongly consider what name(s) are included on the diploma.  If a student does not submit a high school diploma application by the deadline, the school will make a default diploma using the student's full legal name as listed on the original enrollment application.  This form also includes fees associated with reprints and/or additional copies of the diploma, international and domestic shipping, as well as other important information related to graduation. 

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