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Wesley College Preparatory School AP Academy


Successfully completing the AP Academy may assist students in getting admitted to the college or university of their choice.  It shows perspective schools that you are serious about your academics and capable of college-level work.

Students may be able to waive a semester or more of required college courses and can save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in college.

Why WCP…

Advanced Placement classes are a priority at WCP.  We offer several AP courses to meet the changing interests and needs of our students.  In the 9th and 10th grades, students have the opportunity to take honors and pre-AP courses to better prepare themselves for the rigor of an AP course.  In order to ensure that teachers are using best practices, AP teachers attending AP trainings year-round and meet with one another regularly.

What is the AP Academy?

Students have the opportunity to better prepare for their postsecondary education by participating in a program that requires students to develop the skills necessary for success in higher education.  Throughout their time in the program, students have more contact with the counseling team, opportunities for special college visits and presentations, test preparation workshops, and hands on experiences in their chosen concentration.  Students select a concentration at the beginning of the program (humanities, medicine, etc.), and enroll in honors and elective courses to prepare for AP courses.  Students who successfully complete the minimum requirements will be given special honors at graduation, and a notation will be made on their transcripts and diploma.  Students need to have attended Wesley College Preparatory School for a minimum of two years to be considered for special honors at graduation and notations to be made on their transcripts and diploma.



Students must complete an AP Academy application:


   *Student Information


   *Unofficial Transcripts

   *Middle School Grades

   *Concentration Course Completion Plan

   *Personal Statement


Students must maintain a 3.5 GPA in their core courses and concentration courses.


Successfully complete a minimum of six AP courses.


Pass the College Board’s AP Exams



Applied Mathematics

   -Architectural Engineering

   -Biomedical Engineering

   -Civil Engineering

   -Computer Engineering

   -Environmental Engineering





Performing Arts


More AP courses and concentrations maybe avaialble than what is currently listed in this brochure.  Check with a counselor for more information.

AP Courses Available


English Language

English Literature


Physics 1


Environmental Science


Calculus AB & BC



US History



Spanish Language

French Language

Choosing a concentration and completing the AP Academy requirements mimic the college experience, which not only prepares members for success in college, but also allows the students to market their successful completion of college-level classes to prospective colleges and universities.

Students who successfully complete the AP Academy may save money on college tuition and graduate college early.

In order to better prepare students for their potential future career, students in the AP Academy will have the opportunity to meet with professionals in their concentration and attend college visits at local universities.

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