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Wesley College Preparatory School’s Business Academy (BA) is a special program within the standard college preparatory track in which students are placed into grade-level cohorts.  BA Students take many of their core courses and special Business Academy college preparatory elective courses with other Business Academy students, including English and Social Studies.  Sometimes non-BA students will be included in these courses under special circumstances.  The specially designated English and social studies courses have targeted business applications, projects, and skills within them.  Those courses also satisfy the requirements for the University of California system.  In addition to specially designed courses, BA students participate in weekly or bi-weekly Business Academy activities, assemblies, projects, and other opportunities, including, but not limited to, participation in internships, leadership programs, an d competitions.  BA students are also responsible for a number of student business activities on campus such as the student store (in collaboration with the student council), Polar Bear Wear (in collaboration with the athletic department), and yearbook (in collaboration with the art department).  Students in the Business Academy are an integral part of the WCPS community.


  • Take core courses with the other members of the Business Academy.

  • Gain experience in international business, global marketing, and entrepreneurship.

  • Develop critical thinking and communication skills.

  • Learn about product design and road mapping.

  • Start building your network and developing your brand.

  • Setting long term and intermediate goals.

  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment and acquire skills in resourcefulness.

  • Engage with the community.

  • Learn about logistics and operations.

  • Gain and understanding of general business and personal finance.

  • Understand fundraising, venture capital, and basic accounting practices.

  • Build and develop websites, databases, and other platforms.

  • Have priority enrollment in core courses, as well as electives.

  • Have a dedicated advisor.

  • Be given the opportunity to gain work experience prior to graduating high school

Student in the Business Academy will have

  • Priority enrollment in educational travel opportunities. 

  • Priority access to the computer lab.

  • Will learn how to use Skype, iMovie, 3D Laser Printer, MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), and much more.

  • Progressive and innovative faculty.

  • Activities with college visits.

  • Opportunities for job shadowing.

  • Partnered with a business mentors which may led to an internship.

  • Special recognition at graduation as well as on their diploma and transcript.


Requirement to Join 

  • If applying for entrance in the 9th grade, a junior high/middle school CUM GPA of 3.25 or higher.  The applicant may not have any D’s or F’s in the 8th grade.

  • If applying for entrance in the 10th grade, a 9th grade CUM GPA of 3.25 or higher.  The applicant may not have any D’s or F’s in the 9th grade.

  • Completed Application.

  • Interview with Business Academy Personnel.

  • International Students:  Minimum of 70 TOEFL score.                                                                                     *Once a student has been accepted into the Business Academy, they will receive a welcome letter and an appointment will be scheduled with their counselor or mentor.

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