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Advanced students may participate in our dual enrollment program.  They can earn university credit, diversify their college application portfolio, demonstrate to universities that they are prepared for college level work, and have the opportunity to engage with other university students.  Students from Wesley College Preparatory School have taken college course through a number of post-secondary institutions.  Each school has its own cost per course and different course offerings.  It is the responsibility of the student and family to pay for all costs related to the dual enrollment program, including but not limited to, textbooks, fees, and tuition.


Please note that once a student takes a college course they are establishing their college GPA.  Only advanced students (3.5 cum GPA and above) should consider taking a college course as a high school student.


Other colleges and universities are available than those listed below.  Ask your counselor for more information.

Female College Students


Starts in September, December & February


Courses last approximately 10 weeks


$2,500 per course plus books and fees

Sample Course Offerings:

  • History of California

  • World History to 600 A.D.

  • Critical Reading and Writing

  • Psychology

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Urban Sociology

  • Introduction to Calculus

  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Health Science: Basic Tissues

  • Animal Psychology

  • Foundations in Human Physiology


Harvard University

Application Deadline in November for January to May term


Courses last approximately 18 weeks


$5,500 per course plus books and fees

Course Offering Sample:

  • Introduction to African Studies

  • Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

  • Anthropology of Arabia

  • Introduction to Biochemistry

  • Genetics

  • Immunology

  • Reproductive Biology

  • Stem Cell Biology


Cornell University

Starts in Summer & Winter


Courses last approximately 6 weeks


$5,000 per course plus books and fees

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Anthropology

  • History of Art

  • Asian Studies

  • Neurobiology

  • Communication

  • Economics

  • Government

  • Psychology


Yale University

Application Deadline in December for following May-July session or July-August session


Courses last approximately 7 weeks


$5,500 per course plus books and fees

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Autism and Related Disorders

  • Causes and Consequences of Corruption

  • Game Theory

  • Introduction to Microeconomics

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Modern American Drama

  • Reading the Constitution


UC Berkeley

Starts in Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer


Courses last approximately 10 weeks


$2,500 per course plus books and fees

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Cell Biology

  • Genetics

  • Immunology

  • Introduction to Biochemistry

  • The Biology of Cancer

  • General Human Anatomy

  • Marine Biology

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Calculus

  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Concepts of Physics

  • Introduction to Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry


Grand Canyon University

Rolling Admissions


Courses last approximately 15 weeks


Approximately $250 per course plus books and fees

Sample Course Offerings:

  • Criminal Behavior and Victimology

  • Digital Video Production

  • Health Care Systems and Transcultural Health Care

  • Introduction to Cinema: History & Aesthetics

  • Introduction to Justice Studies

  • Introduction to Hospitality

  • Professional Responsibility in Justice 

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